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Indigenous Communities and HIV Disclosure to Sexual Partners: Questions and Answers

While the criminal law is a blunt instrument to deal with complex issues such as disclosure or the root causes for HIV in Indigenous communities, it is the law in Canada, and it is important for you to know about it so you can make informed decisions about your sexual life. This brochure has been […]

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Submission to Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Pre-Inquiry Process

“We are pleased to see the new federal government’s commitment to recognizing the legacy of colonization on Indigenous peoples and its direct relationship to the widespread violence that Indigenous women suffer. We make this submission to urge the Inquiry to ensure the meaningful participation of Indigenous women who sell or trade sex and/or use drugs, […]

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Canada: Drug policy and economic, social, and cultural rights — Submission to the Committee on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights

“Canada is a party to the three main UN drug control conventions, which aim to control illicit drugs by reducing supply and demand, in particular through requiring States Parties to adopt varying degrees of prohibitions and sanctions on a range of designated controlled substances, while also providing some degree of (often contested) flexibility for States […]

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No “End to AIDS” Without Human Rights: Canada’s Top 5 Issues for World Aids Day 2014

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Lawsuit Filed Against Government of Canada for Failing to Protect the Health of Federal Prisoners

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HIV and Human Rights in Canada: Top 5 Key Issues for World AIDS Day 2011

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Developing World Conditions in Canada Impede Access to HIV/AIDS Care, Treatment and Support

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HIV/AIDS Policy & Law Review 14(3) June 2010

FEATURES Criminalizing HIV transmission or exposure: the context of francophone West and Central Africa MSM law in francophone Africa and the fight against AIDS: the hypocrisy of certain countries CANADIAN DEVELOPMENTS British Columbia project seeks to improve access to HIV treatment and care among hard-to-reach populations Multi-million dollar AIDS vaccine project cancelled Surveys in Quebec […]

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No Celebration for HIV-Positive Women on International Women’s Day

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Viral Time Bomb: Health and Human Rights Challenges in Addressing Hepatitis C in Canada

By conservative estimates, hepatitis C (HCV) affects some 250,000–300,000 people in Canada. A chronic illness that causes liver failure, liver cancer and other serious health concerns, hepatitis C already weighs heavily on the health care system. Its public health and economic impact is expected to double in only a few years. Today, over 90 percent […]

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