Christine Vézina

Christine Vézina joined the Legal Network’s board of directors in 2008.

Since 2004, Christine has worked at the Coalition des organismes communautaires québécois de lutte contre le sida (COCQ-sida), doing research for advocacy projects and for the program on « Sida en milieu de travail » [“AIDS in the workplace”] (SMT) — work that has given her a strong human rights perspective. Christine has developed and presented a Quebec-based training program for members of COCQ-sida and their partners to address issues related to employment and disability. She has also proposed an in-depth policy change of SMT, with a view to extending the human rights perspective to other areas of daily life.

Christine was called to the Quebec bar in 1999 and first practised law at the law firm of Fasken Martineau. She subsequently participated in a Canadian project on institutional development in Nigeria.  She also lived in Africa for a year, working with an organization to promote health and HIV/AIDS prevention. Along with her professional activities, she is presently working on her doctorate in law at the Centre de recherche en droit public at the Université de Montréal, specializing in the implementation of the right to health in Quebec as it relates to the fight against HIV/AIDS.

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