Julie Shugarman

Julie is a strategy consultant for non-profit organizations that are law reform and social justice mandated. With nearly two decades of experience in Canada’s non-profit and charitable sector, she provides facilitation services in conflict management, governance, and strategic planning. She has provided services to a number of Canada’s leading legal organizations, including legal clinics, professional associations, and law faculties.

Julie is passionate about the critical work civil society organizations do to advance basic human rights and systemic change. Her experience in the sector also includes assisting those who fund this work, both public and private, to incorporate more equality-affirming, transparent approaches into their operations.

A lawyer by training, Julie has practiced in the areas of human rights law, labour and employment law, and Charter litigation. In addition to her consulting practice, Julie is a part-time professor of law at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Common Law, where she teaches Dispute Resolution.

Julie credits much of her trajectory and understanding of human rights to the sex workers and people who use drugs in the Downtown Eastside from whom she had the privilege of learning when she lived in Vancouver and volunteered with Pivot Legal Society’s Sex Work Law Reform Committee in the early 2000’s. She is a proud ex-Legal Network intern and feels extraordinarily lucky to now sit on their Board. Julie is also a Past-President of Auberge Shalom pour femmes, a Montreal-based women’s shelter, and a former Executive Director of the National Association of Women and the Law (NAWL), where she was deeply involved in the work to see national women’s advocacy organizations refunded by the federal government.

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