Leegay Jagoe

Leegay Jagoe joined the Legal Network’s board of directors in 2017.

Leegay is a registered nurse of 23 years. Her areas of focus have been sexual and mental health, and harm reduction. Much of her work has been with Indigenous communities.

She currently works at Health Canada’s First Nations and Inuit Health Branch in Saskatoon, but travels throughout Saskatchewan to First Nations communities, supporting their HIV/STBBI and harm reduction programming.

Her board work has included professional support for a group for people who use drugs in Alberta, AAWEAR (Alberta Addicts Who Educate and Advocate Responsibly), and the Calgary-based group Grateful or Dead. She has served on the board of the Canadian Nursing Students’ Association first as Western Regional Director then as President.

Leegay has also worked in the field of tuberculosis, which found her living in the remote First Nation community of Bella Bella in British Columbia. She has taught at the University of Saskatchewan’s College of Nursing for several years.

Leegay has a B.A. in psychology and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (with distinction) from the University of Saskatchewan, and a Master of Nursing from the University of Calgary. In 2010, Leegay received the CANAC (Canadian Association of Nurses in HIV/AIDS Care) Jill Sullivan Award for Excellence in Clinical Practice.

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