Stories of Community Mobilization

This report presents seven stories of community mobilization. They include: Improving Relations Between the GLBT Community and the Ottawa Police; Fighting to Keep Disability Benefits in Ontario; Addressing Barriers that Put Women in B.C. at Risk; Building a Sense of Connection, Belonging, and Esteem through the International Two-Spirit Gathering Movement; Fighting for a Supervised Injection … Read more

Statement to the UN Commission on Human Rights re: HIV/AIDS, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Non-discrimination (Item 6)

This statement first examines the connection between non-discrimination and effective responses to HIV/AIDS, and then sets out existing language by UN Treaty Bodies and Special Procedures which confirms that the right of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgendered people to be protected from discrimination is already established in international human rights law.

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 7(2-3) December 2002

FEATURES The 1st Annual Awards for Action on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights House of Commons Committee Releases Report on Canada’s Drug Strategy HIV/AIDS in Prisons: Recent Developments CANADIAN NEWS Canada Refuses to Issue a Visa to an HIV-Positive Worker on Antiretroviral Drugs Supervised Injection Sites: Minister of Health Ready to Review Applications for Pilot Research … Read more

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 5(4) 2000

FEATURES An Ethical Analysis of the Mandatory Exclusion of Immigrants Who Test HIV-Positive Legal, Ethical, and Human Rights Issues at Durban 2000 HIV/AIDS IN CANADIAN COURTS Red Cross and Federal Government Held Liable for Hemophiliacs’ HIV Infection Court Approves Final Red Cross Bankruptcy Plan to Compensate Blood Victims Supreme Court to Hear Appeal in Negligence … Read more

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 5(2-3) Spring/Summer 2000

FEATURES Supreme Court rules on disability discrimination HIV/AIDS and the Law: New challenges HIV/AIDS IN CANADIAN COURTS Medical treatment of children with HIV/AIDS Court rejects appeal for safe supply of medical marijuana Appeals heard on both medical and non-medical marijuana BC Appellate Court dismisses insurance appeal Man with HIV gets reprieve from deportation Discrimination in … Read more

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 4(2-3) Spring 1999

FEATURES Supreme Court Rules in R v Cuerrier Legal, Ethical, and Human Rights Issues at Geneva98 CANADIAN NEWS Legal, Ethical, and Human Rights Issues Raised by HIV/AIDS: A Plan for 1999–2003 HIV/AIDS IN CANADIAN COURTS HIV/AIDS in Canadian Courts in 1998: An Overview Québec Court of Appeal Rules on the Constitutionality of Law on Anal … Read more

Gay and Lesbian Legal Issues and HIV/AIDS

This is a series of nine info sheets that address LGBTQ legal issues in the context of HIV: A History of Discrimination (Info Sheet 1) The Links Between HIV/AIDS and Homophobia (Info Sheet 2) Gay Men, Lesbians, and the Law (Info Sheets 3 and 4) Impact of Stigma and Discrimination (Info Sheets 5, 6, 7 … Read more

Gay and Lesbian Legal Issues and HIV/AIDS: Final Report

Gay and Lesbian Legal Issues and HIV/AIDS: Final Report was produced by the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network and the Canadian AIDS Society in 1998, as part of the Joint Project on Legal and Ethical Issues Raised by HIV/AIDS. The Final Report: • reviews how, historically, gay men and lesbians have suffered persistent patterns of discrimination and … Read more

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 3(4) and 4(1) Winter 1997/1998

FEATURES Current Issues in HIV/AIDS and Insurance Focus on HIV/AIDS and Injection Drug Use Children: The Changing Face of AIDS DISCRIMINATION Your Health Is Back. Now You May Lose Your Protection against Discrimination Gay and Lesbian Legal Issues and HIV/AIDS: A Discussion Paper Publication Noted: The Impact of Homophobia and Other Social Biases on AIDS … Read more