HIV Vaccines and Human Rights: Community Action Kit

This is a series of 12 info sheets: HIV/AIDS vaccines: The basics HIV/AIDS, vaccines and human rights Getting started: Approval of HIV vaccines trials Ensuring community participation in making decisions about HIV vaccine trials Informed consent and voluntary participation in HIV vaccine trials The right to prevention, care and confidentiality for HIV vaccine trials participants … Read more

What is MTV Advocacy?

This document provides an overview of “MTV advocacy” and an introduction to The issues and the plan of action: What concerns and objectives are shared by microbicide, treatment and vaccine advocates? How can we do our advocacy in mutually supportive ways? How are human rights relevant to our collaboration? And what can we do to … Read more

Joint Advocacy on HIV/AIDS Microbicides, Treatments and Vaccines – Statement of Commitment to Building a Comprehensive Global HIV/AIDS Response

This Statement presents the shared commitments of advocates and activists working in the fields of HIV/AIDS treatments, microbicides and vaccines. These commitments are based on human rights principles, as expressed through international and regional human rights instruments. Our commitments also build on the international promises of governments as stated in the United Nations Declaration of … Read more

Joint Advocacy on HIV/AIDS Microbicides,Treatments and Vaccines: Developing an Agenda for Action

This document sets out the key issues described in the Background Paper and a Plan of Action listing advocacy challenges discussed at the consultation. The objective is to introduce, to a wider global audience, the rationale for collaboration between advocates in these three fields and the key current priorities for advocacy. Related Publications Cabildeo Conjunto … Read more

Letter to International Cooperation Minister Aileen Carroll re: Microbicides and Vaccines

” We write on behalf of the undersigned civil society organizations, many of whom actively participate in the Microbicides Advocacy Group Network (MAG-Net). MAG-Net is a coalition of 30 Canadian AIDS service organizations, sexual and reproductive health organizations, international development NGOs and researchers interested in promoting the development of alternative HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infection … Read more

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 9(2) August 2004

FEATURES Human rights and HIV/AIDS in the context of 3 by 5: time for new directions? Harm-reduction activism: a case study of an unsanctioned user-run safe injection site CANADIAN NEWS Canada announces new funding for domestic and global fight against AIDS Reports call for end to harms caused by Criminal Code prohibitions surrounding prostitution Nova … Read more