HIV Vaccines in Canada

This is a series of eight info sheets: Current State of HIV Vaccine Research Why We Need a Canadian HIV Vaccine Plan Involving Communities in the Conduct of Clinical Trials Clinical Trials and the Informed-Consent Process Obligations Toward Clinical Trial Participants Clinical Trials and Stigma & Discrimination Planning Now for Vaccine Delivery Essential Resources

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 5(4) 2000

FEATURES An Ethical Analysis of the Mandatory Exclusion of Immigrants Who Test HIV-Positive Legal, Ethical, and Human Rights Issues at Durban 2000 HIV/AIDS IN CANADIAN COURTS Red Cross and Federal Government Held Liable for Hemophiliacs’ HIV Infection Court Approves Final Red Cross Bankruptcy Plan to Compensate Blood Victims Supreme Court to Hear Appeal in Negligence … Read more

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 5(2-3) Spring/Summer 2000

FEATURES Supreme Court rules on disability discrimination HIV/AIDS and the Law: New challenges HIV/AIDS IN CANADIAN COURTS Medical treatment of children with HIV/AIDS Court rejects appeal for safe supply of medical marijuana Appeals heard on both medical and non-medical marijuana BC Appellate Court dismisses insurance appeal Man with HIV gets reprieve from deportation Discrimination in … Read more

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 4(4) Summer 1999

FEATURES Injection Drug Use and HIV/AIDS: Another Call for Action Newly Infected People and Clinical Trials: Ethical Issues PREGNANCY AND HIV/AIDS An Ethical Analysis of HIV Testing of Pregnant Women and Their Newborns New Law on Testing Newborns in Connecticut US: Court Denies Legal Custody of Child to Breast-feeding Mother with HIV HIV/AIDS IN CANADIAN … Read more