HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 3(1) October 1996

FEATURES HIV Testing and Confidentiality Issues Reexamined Compassionate Access to Investigational Therapies HIV/AIDS and Aboriginal Communities XI INTERNATIONAL AIDS CONFERENCE What Did We Learn? Legal and Ethical Issues at the Vancouver Conference HIV/AIDS AND HUMAN RIGHTS AIDS, Human Rights, and NAFTA: Challenges and Opportunities CANADIAN NEWS Canadian Human Rights Commission Releases Revised Policy on HIV/AIDS … Read more

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 2(4) July 1996

FEATURES Human Rights, Women and HIV Needle Exchange in Prisons: An Overview US Appeal Courts Rule in Favour of Assisted Suicide TESTING & CONFIDENTIALITY Project Begins Work on Testing and Confidentiality Issues US — Hospital Sued Over Clandestine HIV Test CANADIAN NEWS Renewal of AIDS Strategy Needed CRIMINAL JUSTICE Discussion Paper on criminal Law and … Read more

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 2(1) October 1995

FEATURES Focus on HIV/AIDS in Prisons Methadone and HIV/AIDS Criminal Law and HIV/AIDS: A Review PROSTITUTION Prostitution and HIV/AIDS: A Literature Review TESTING AND REPORTING Further Update on Blood Donor Notification Case CAS’s Reaction to Judgment in Blood Donor Case United States: Testing of Juveniles Accused of Sexual Assault EUTHANASIA Legalizing Euthanasia Oregon’s Measure 16 … Read more

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 1(3) April 1995

NOTES Update on Joint Network/CAS Project HIV-ANTIBODY TESTING No Compulsory HIV-Antibody Testing of Persons Accused or Convicted of Sexual Assault HIV/AIDS and the Military in Canada — the Twaites decision PRISONERS AND HIV/AIDS Switzerland: Prison Needle Exchanges Declared Judicially Admissible Australia: Update on Prison Condom Case Australia: Claim by Prison Officer settled TESTING AND REPORTING … Read more

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 1(2) January 1995

FEATURES Bill C-7: Implications for HIV/AIDS Prevention (Canadian Legislation) Ontario Court Rules on Notification of Blood Donors Should Canada Criminalize HIV Endangerment? Thank you to film producer Rock Demers on World AIDS Day NOTE Joint Network/CAS (Canadian AIDS Society) Project on Legal Issues Raised by HIV/AIDS PRISONERS AND HIV/AIDS Alarming Evidence of HIV Transmission in … Read more