Rai Reece

Rai Reece, PhD (she/her) 

Rai Reece is an assistant professor and interdisciplinary scholar-activist, whose work broadly examines how carceral processes in Canada are connected to colonialism and white supremacy. Her work specifically examines the intersection of punishment/criminalization and misogynoir (racism that targets Black women/women-identified folx), and white settler capitalism. Much of her work emphasizes and focuses on community-based collaboration, experience, and self-reflection. Since 2005 she has been involved with anti-prison work with prisoners and ex-prisoners. She has conducted frontline (one-on-one and group) work with prisoners, street active youth, trans folx, and in the domestic violence sector. She has facilitated numerous workshops on anti-Black racism, prison health, and equity. Her work also incorporates the importance of examining the connection between abolition and harm reduction through a racial lens. She works from a place of healing, reflection, and decolonization as a way to deeply reflect on personal, inter-personal, and collective care for ourselves and our communities. 

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