Y.Y. Brandon Chen

Y.Y. Brandon Chen (he/him) 

Y.Y. Brandon Chen joined the Legal Network’s board of directors in 2021. 

Y.Y. is a professor at University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law, Common Law Section. Trained as a lawyer and a social worker, his expertise lies in the areas of public and constitutional law, health law, and immigration and refugee law. His research leverages socio-legal studies and action research to critically examine health inequities facing noncitizens and racialized minorities, including those living with HIV.  

Before embarking on a legal career, Y.Y. worked as a research coordinator at the Committee for Accessible AIDS Treatment (CAAT), a coalition of organizations aiming to improve treatment and service access for marginalized people living with HIV. He was formerly a member of the Ontario Advisory Committee on HIV/AIDS, the co-chair of CAAT, and a board member of Canadian Centre on Statelessness. He currently also sits on the governance committee of the Ontario HIV Treatment Network Cohort Study. 

Y.Y. worked at the Legal Network as a summer student while attending law school. He is thrilled to be a part of the Legal Network again. 

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