10th Symposium Report – HIV Criminalization: Challenging Injustice in Canada and Around the World

On March 22, 2022, the HIV Legal Network hosted its 10th Symposium on HIV, Law, and Human Rights. This international event explores the relationship between HIV and human rights, how criminal laws can be reformed to uphold the rights of people living with HIV, and how those working in the sector can use their work to challenge injustices everywhere. This year, the symposium focused on HIV Criminalization: Challenging Injustice in Canada and Around the World, providing a virtual forum for legal experts, people with lived experience of being criminalized, and advocates to share their expertise on the current state of HIV criminalization, the challenges facing law reform efforts, and the impact criminalization has had on the lives of people living with HIV.

Now, we are pleased to offer this written summary of the events from the symposium.

You can also watch the video of the symposium here.


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