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Effectively addressing HIV, HCV, and STBBIs among Indigenous people requires the adoption of a human rights approach, focusing on evidence-based and culturally sensitive interventions that embrace Indigenous ways of knowing and doing. In addition to the legal and policy recommendations described below, it is imperative moving forward that access to emerging health care technologies and … Read more


Download the full Russian language report:

Practical applications of Article 157 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus

Article 157 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus criminalizes HIV exposure and transmission. Despite a reduction in the number of criminal cases brought under this article, Belarus remains among the world’s leading countries in prosecutions of people living with HIV. Russian Version

The Most Vulnerable Suffer: Access to social and medical assistance for people living with HIV and disabilities

The Access to social and medical services for persons with disabilities living with HIV study was carried out in May and June 2022 with the objective of identifying barriers and complexities for people living with HIV and disabilities in Russia during the coronavirus pandemic and at the outset of the war in Ukraine. Russian version:

A gender-centred dialogue on Alternative Justice Responses to HIV non-disclosure criminalization

On June 20th, 2022, the HIV Legal Network, in collaboration with Communities, Alliances & Networks and the Women & HIV/AIDS Initiative, hosted a roundtable about alternative justice responses to the criminalization of HIV non-disclosure in Canada.

Submission to the Government of Canada Consultation on Reforming the Criminal Law regarding HIV Non-Disclosure

The HIV Legal Network and the HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic Ontario submitted a response to the Government of Canada’s consultation on reforming the criminal law regarding HIV non-disclosure on January 10th, 2023.

Special Considerations for Advising Sexual Assault Complainants Living with HIV

This paper is devoted to issues faced by a group of individuals with a unique experience: sexual assault complainants living with HIV who could potentially be transformed from complainants to accused persons. In particular, this paper discusses some of the factors that arise in these situations and aims to provide some guidance on the advice … Read more

Legal Network News – December 5, 2022

Advocacy Alert In October, the Government of Canada announced the start of their consultation on HIV criminalization, as Canada finally looks to reform the misguided and harmful law on HIV non-disclosure in this country. This is, we hope, a first step toward concrete action on law reform. Your participation in the government consultation is crucial. … Read more

Legal Network News – December 1, 2022

Today, the HIV Legal Network marks World AIDS Day by joining with the United Nations in a call to governments around the world to reform laws, policies, and practices that create and exacerbate the stigma faced by people living with HIV. This year’s theme is “Equalize” and we are recommitting ourselves to working to challenge laws that oppress … Read more

Legal Network News – November 28

Ah, Cyber Monday. That unsettling day when your inbox overflows with ads and offers from retailers and global conglomerates promoting deep discounts on all kinds of wares. But what if you could do something more meaningful with your money today? What if, instead of spending your money on guilt-inducing or unnecessary goods, you put human rights in … Read more

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