Meet Our Board

2022–2023 Board of Directors*

Y.Y. Chen (he/him)

Juanita Graham (she/her)

Leegay Jagoe (she/her, Chair)

Karim Ladak (he/him)

Meenakshi Mannoe (she/her)

Tiffany O’Donnell (she/her)

Shakir Rahim (he/him)

Rai Reece (she/her, Vice Chair)

Julie Shugarman (Secretary)

Emily van der Meulen (she/her, Treasurer)

Barhet Woldemariam

* as of June 16, 2022


The Legal Network has a 12-member board of directors. Two positions are reserved for people living with HIV and AIDS and one position is reserved for a member from each of the five following provincial/territorial groupings:

  • Atlantic (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador)
  • Quebec
  • Ontario and Nunavut
  • Prairies (Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta) and Northwest Territories
  • British Columbia and Yukon

Additionally, efforts are made to recruit board members from populations particularly affected by the HIV pandemic, including people who use drugs and Indigenous people.