HIV Legal Network Statement on Ukraine Invasion by Russia

We are deeply shaken by the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. We are also compelled to speak up because this is an area of the world in which we at the HIV Legal Network work, a region where the HIV pandemic rages on.   The devastating occupation of Ukraine has enormous impacts on our work and … Read more

Report to the 134 Session of UN Human Rights Committee in relation to the review of the 8th Periodic Report of the Russian Federation

In its Concluding Observations of March 2015, the Committee recommended the Russian Federation take all the measures necessary to ensure that: (a) its policies vis-à-vis drug users deprived of their liberty fully conform to its obligation to effectively protect them against the pain and suffering associated with the withdrawal syndrome and that timely, adequate and … Read more

The Life of a Foreign Agent: Risks and Perspectives on Operating in Russia as a Non-Profit Organization Designated as a Foreign Agent

Since 2012, more than 20 laws have been implemented and are actively applied in the Russian Federation that create significant obstacles for HIV service NPOs that receive foreign financing (laws regulating legal entities–foreign agents, MMO-foreign agents, individuals–foreign agents, citizen groups–foreign agents, and laws regulating undesirable organizations). The effects of these laws are compounded by prohibitions … Read more

Criminalization and stigma exacerbate violence against women who use drugs in the Russian Federation

Criminalization and stigma exacerbate violence against women who use drugs in the Russian Federation Report in relation to the 9th Periodic Report of the Russian Federation CEDAW/C/RUS/9 This report is submitted by Andrey Rylkov Foundation for Health and Social Justice (ARF) on behalf of the Russian Civil Society Mechanism for Monitoring of Drug Policy Reforms. … Read more

Parallel Submission for 62 Session with Respect to Russia

Full title: Parallel Submission for 62 Session with respect to Russia in addition to the Shadow Report to the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights concerning the access of people who inject drugs to drug treatment and HIV prevention, care and treatment programs This document presents information gathered for the Committee by the Public Mechanism … Read more

Legally Empowering Key Populations in Russia in the Context of HIV Prevention, Treatment and Care

Monitoring and Evaluation of Technical Assistance to Key Populations And HIV Projects in Russia in Removing Legal Barriers and Community Systems Strengthening Since June 2015, Russia’s non-governmental organizations and community-based organizations working on HIV issues have been implementing a three-year project titled “Improving access to HIV prevention, treatment and care services for key populations in … Read more

Case Information Sheet: Kurmanayevskiy et al. v. Russia

Unsafe injecting drug use is a primary driver of HIV infection in Russia. The inability of current or former injecting drug users to access prevention and treatment services is compounded by the highly punitive measures meted out by law enforcement, including frequent arrest and incarceration. These trying circumstances led three brave individuals to pursue access … Read more

“Foreign agent” charges against Russian harm reduction NGO dropped, but HIV organizations still a target

September 13, 2016 A Moscow court recently dismissed the charges against Russian harm reduction NGO Andrey Rylkov Foundation (ARF) for failing to register as a “foreign agent.” While this is no doubt a victory for ARF, the charges were dropped on procedural grounds, which unfortunately does not prevent similar charges being brought against other HIV … Read more

“Just Say Nyet” to Russia’s Drug Policy

“In anticipation of UNGASS 2016, Russia is creating international alliances to promote its vision of drug demand and drug supply reduction, with a view to having ‘a unified position at the 2016 UNGASS.’ These include the International Congress of Drug-Free Organizations and the Russian-African Anti-Drug Dialogue. Countries that Russia approaches for participating in these or … Read more