Action on HIV/AIDS in Prisons: Too Little, Too Late — A Report Card

In 2002, over five years after the release of the “HIV/AIDS in Prisons: Final Report” (see Related Publications, below) and 10 years after Correctional Service Canada created the Expert Committee on AIDS and Prisons, it is time to assess whether the call for action made in the Final Report has been heard, and to document what progress, if any, has been made in Canada in responding to HIV/AIDS in prisons.

A questionnaire was developed and sent to the federal and provincial/territorial ministers of health and ministers responsible for corrections in September 2001, asking them what actions they have undertaken to respond to the recommendations in the 1996 Final Report.

This paper summarizes the information provided and comments on it. It highlights positive action undertaken by prison systems since 1996, as well as presenting a detailed picture of the current state of HIV/AIDS programs and services in the prisons of each jurisdiction. An overview of significant national trends is also provided.