Documentary #NonExistentWeExist

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A documentary co-produced the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, on the inspiring efforts of communities working on the streets of Russia to try and halt the HIV epidemic.

This film is set against the backdrop of the Russian government’s failed response to HIV, their refusal to acknowledge the epidemic, and the reality that health and legal services exist to comply with the letter of the law rather than to truly help people. Over a million people in Russia are now living with HIV.

NGOs and people from the most marginalized groups in society — drug users, sex workers, LGBTQI individuals — are rallying to create change, but this struggle is so much more than the prevention and treatment of HIV. We’re fighting for people to be seen as human beings with human rights.  For people from at-risk communities to participate in decision making that affects their lives. For stronger community-based systems. And for struggling people to no longer view themselves as expendable.

The Legal Network and likeminded organizations are stepping in to help teach people how to effectively navigate ‘the system,’, whether dealing with police, courts, prison authorities, or medical establishments. Against all odds, the people who are the most marginalized and who remain unfairly targeted by the police in Russia are learning legal basics, to not to be afraid, to believe in themselves, and to defend their own human rights.

I want to shake this whole planet, this whole country, into understanding the meaning of human dignity.” This film is a tribute to those who remain dedicated to the principles of humanity and compassion.



Full film (50 minutes)

The film is in Russian. You can turn on English subtitles by clicking the Youtube settings button on the bottom right corner of the video.