HIV Testing and Confidentiality: Final Report

The Report contains a re-examination of the issues raised by HIV testing and confidentiality in Canada.

The main question addressed is whether new developments warrant a departure from the “general principle governing HIV antibody testing in Canada.” In particular, the Report examines the following questions:

  • Is specific informed consent to testing still necessary, or should general consent suffice?
  • How can access to HIV testing be improved, and should the testing options include anonymous testing?
  • Is pre- and post-test counselling still necessary?
  • Should new forms of testing for HIV, such as rapid and/or home testing, be made available in Canada?
  • Are any exceptions warranted to the principle that testing always be voluntary. Is mandatory or compulsory testing, or testing of specific groups of the population (or under certain circumstances), justified?
  • Are there any new exceptions to the principle that testing only be done when confidentiality of results or anonymity of testing can be guaranteed?
  • Should HIV and AIDS reporting provisions be changed?
  • What approach to partner notification should be adopted?

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