HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 10(3) December 2005



  • Report calls for changes to the law to improve safety, security and well-being of sex workers
  • Toronto: Report calls for more harm reduction measures for drug users
  • Saskatchewan issues substance abuse plan

In brief

  • Safe injection facility attracts high-risk injection drug users, study finds
  • Crack users welcome City of Ottawa’s kit distribution program
  • Rapid HIV test approved for clinical use
  • Update on status of needle exchange in federal prisons
  • Call for new hepatitis C strategy


  • United States: Challenges filed to anti-prostitution pledge requirement
  • Methadone and buprenorphine added to the WHO list of essential medicines
  • Southern Africa: AIDS-affected children face systemic discrimination in accessing education
  • Report documents criminalization of HIV exposure and transmission in Europe
  • Botswana: Refugees not entitled to same services as citizens
  • Global Fund fundraising drive comes up well short of target

In brief

  • India: Military recruits to undergo HIV testing
  • Indonesia: Men refusing to wear condom with sex workers are liable to fines
  • Southeast Asia: National policy audits on HIV and migration
  • California: Senate fails to pass bill to allow condom distribution in state prisons
  • California: Insurers cannot deny transplants based on HIV status
  • WHO Europe report strongly endorses harm reduction in prisons


  • Vancouver shopping mall liable for discrimination against Aboriginal and disabled people
  • Court opens door to more claims under Red Cross HIV compensation fund

In brief

  • Federal Court of Appeal rules contaminated-blood litigation cannot proceed
  • Egale granted intervenor status as party in Canadian blood donor case


  • Hong Kong: Court says laws criminalizing sexual activity infringe rights of gay men
  • U.S.: Mexican national eligible for asylum on basis of sexual orientation and HIV status
  • New Zealand: Sections of city by-law effectively prohibiting small owner-operated brothels struck down
  • Australia: HIV-positive Zambian national refused student visa on appeal
  • UK: Local authority has no obligation to reveal HIV status of foster parent
  • Criminal law and HIV transmission or exposure

In brief

  • New Zealand: Man fined for removing condom during sex with sex worker
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