HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 9(3) December 2004



  • High time to vastly scale up action on human rights


  • Ontario: Police disclose HIV status of accused under Police Services Act
  • BC: Campaign launched to protect personal health information
  • Nova Scotia: “Blood samples” legislation passed
  • British Columbia: Studies show positive public impacts of harm-reduction measures for drug users
  • Nurse, legal society receive human rights award
  • Proposed amendments to medical marijuana regulations released for comment

In brief

  • MP calls for review of solicitation laws
  • Vancouver: Gay posters banned by billboard company
  • Groups distribute harm-reduction kits to crack users
  • British Columbia study finds high levels of poverty and disability among HIV positive
  • Health Canada approves rapid HIV test for sale in Canada


  • HIV/AIDS, law, and discrimination in Guyana
  • Policy and environment assessment on illicit drug use and HIV risk in Cambodia
  • Southern Africa: Reports document legal responses to HIV/AIDS
  • NGO Code of Practice released
  • Thai Drug Users Network receives human rights award
  • Nigeria addresses HIV/AIDS in the workplace
  • New report on the impact of HIV/AIDS on the world of work
  • UK: Developments on HIV/AIDS, stigma, and discrimination


  • Prison needle exchange programs work
  • Is the world finally waking up to HIV/AIDS in prisons? A report from the XV International AIDS Conference
  • Canada: Study provides further evidence of risk of hepatitis C and HIV transmission in prisons
  • Canadian court orders remand centre to provide prescribed medication and permit consultation with outside physician
  • Canadian court denies prisoner access to anti-anxiety medication
  • Prisoner denied access to medical marijuana

Other developments

  • U.S.: Study links incarceration and HIV rates in black communities
  • Canada: Revised guidelines on management of infectious diseases and on bleach distribution issued
  • Canada: Prison networking and research & advocacy groups founded
  • New resources


  • Court orders Immigration and Refugee Board to take into account evidence of HIV-related discrimination
  • Appeal board overturns decision denying Zambian admission to Canada
  • Severance provisions of old Ontario employment standards legislation infringe Charter equality rights of persons with disabilities
  • Criminal charges against marijuana compassion club members stayed
  • Federal Court permits contaminated-blood litigation to proceed


  • India: Court finds government has constitutional obligation to provide ARVs to released prisoner
  • India: Challenge to constitutionality of criminal law banning homosexual acts dismissed
  • Libya: Foreign health-care workers sentenced to death for deliberate infection
  • UK: Court grants asylum to pregnant claimant, citing European Convention
  • UK: House of Lords recognizes that privacy rights include protection of mental health
  • Criminal law and HIV transmission or exposure: four new cases

In brief

  • Mexico: Discharge of HIV-positive soldiers discriminatory and unconstitutional


  • Not as simple as ABC: making real progress on women’s rights and AIDS
  • Young women living with HIV/AIDS have rights too: a personal testimonial
  • A human rights crisis in need of a human rights response
  • Sex workers and law reform in South Africa
  • Youth: too often missing from the response
  • Double discrimination: drug users living with HIV/AIDS
  • Drug control, human rights, and harm reduction in the age of AIDS
  • In Thailand, drug users have to fight for their rights
  • The spread of harm-reduction programs in Brazil
  • Prisoners’ health and human rights in the HIV/AIDS epidemic
  • Current issues and concerns in HIV testing: a health and human rights approach
  • Sexual minorities, violence, and AIDS in Africa
  • Bangkok 2004: Abstracts on legal, ethical, and human rights issues
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