HIV/AIDS Policy & Law Review 15(2) April 2011

HIV/AIDS Policy & Law Review 15(2) April 2011


  • Supervised injection sites in Quebec: one step closer to reality
  • Correctional Investigator highlights pending adverse impacts of the government’s “tough on crime” agenda

In brief

  • Ottawa police changes policy on releasing photographs of suspects in HIV non-disclosure cases
  • Prison expansions to accommodate anticipated inmate population surge
  • Three Canadian cities endorse the Vienna Declaration
  • British Columbia moves to a “routine offer” model of HIV testing
  • Public Health Agency of Canada releases HIV status report on Aboriginal peoples
  • Canadian Medical Association releases new policy on privacy


  • Phylogenetic analysis alone cannot prove source of HIV infection: experts
  • Proposed – India free trade agreement could impede manufacture of generic HIV drugs
  • Ukraine: HIV policy advances overshadowed by police crackdown on drug therapy clinics
  • Africa: sexual minorities at risk

In brief

  • Denmark: HIV-specific criminal law suspended
  • Australia: supervised injecting centre becomes permanent
  • Cambodia: first methadone clinic opens
  • Portugal: study demonstrates positive impact of drug decriminalization
  • South Africa prepares to bring HIV testing into classrooms
  • Global commission on HIV and the law
  • Pope’s comments signal possible shift in condom messaging


  • Ontario: prostitution-related provisions of Criminal Code struck down
  • British Columbia: sex workers granted standing to challenge Criminal Code
  • Swazi man’s refugee claim rejected: PHAs not a “particular social group”
  • Federal Court allows application for judicial review of HIV-positive woman from Jamaica
  • Quebec: employer who disclosed employee’s HIV-positive status violated rights to dignity and freedom from discrimination
  • Court of Appeal reaffirms long-term income support for alcohol and drug dependence
  • Federal Court: incarcerated man did not have right to choice of doctor
  • Blood donor ban upheld
  • Saskatchewan Court of Appeal: marriage commissioners cannot discriminate
  • Criminal law and cases of HIV transmission or exposure


  • China: court rules school board did not discriminate against prospective HIV-positive employee
  • South Africa: HIV-positive man wins wrongful dismissal suit
  • City of Moscow decision to forbid gay pride marches violates European Convention on Human Rights
  • Romania: European Court of Human Rights rules degrading treatment for man who contracted TB in prison
  • Criminal law and cases of HIV transmission or exposure

In brief

  • Russia: Supreme Court rules HIV-positive pilots can operate planes
  • Ireland: former surgeon successfully sues state for exposure to HIV
  • USA: Justice Dept. directs Puerto Rico vocational school to admit HIV-positive applicant
  • India: court rules transport company discriminated against HIV-positive applicants
  • Russia: court frees men who had forcibly confined and treated drug users
  • Ireland: High Court rules HIV drugs can be administered to baby despite mother’s protests