Human rights and HIV/AIDS in the context of 3 by 5: time for new directions? – HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 9(2), August 2004

Over the last decade, the success of the human rights–based approach to HIV/AIDS has been spotty, says Mark Heywood. In this feature article, the author describes the challenges that remain in implementing a human rights approach. He presents an analysis of questions raised by De Cock et al concerning the applicability of the human rights approach. The author argues that human rights advocacy needs to continue, but that new directions are required.

The article outlines new directions in the areas of

  • confidentiality and openness,
  • HIV testing, and
  • health systems.

The author concludes that the most serious threat to human rights remains the unwillingness of national governments to take all necessary measures to build health services and prevent epidemics.

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