Human Rights Imperative: The HIV Legal Network in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Respect. Protect. Fulfill.

You can help challenge wrongs, advance rights, and transform lives.

In countries of the Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA) region, people who use drugs are routinely denied basic healthcare and harm reduction services. They are unfairly targeted by police and subjected to torture. Parents face losing custody of their children. There are currently more than a million people living with HIV in the region — and without access to harm reduction services, the number of cases linked to injection drug use continues to grow. This is the reality we are working to change.

Building a Better World

The HIV Legal Network has challenged injustice in the EECA since 2003, using scientific evidence and legal advocacy to defend rights and advocate for policies that will help us overcome the HIV epidemic. From our early efforts to implement harm reduction in EECA prisons to our more recent work on removing legal barriers to medical and social support for people most at risk of HIV, we have always centred human rights for all.

People who use drugs need support to prevent their human rights from being stripped away — and alongside our EECA partners, the HIV Legal Network is at the forefront of this work.

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