Legal Network News – November 9, 2022

Without our supporters, none of our work is possible. Whether we’re challenging homophobic laws that criminalize same-sex intimacy or advocating for Criminal Code reform to protect the human rights of people living with HIV, sex workers, and people who use drugs in Canada, our work is vital – and it costs both time and money. We literally can’t do this without you.

We are incredibly lucky to have dedicated supporters who believe in our mission of promoting the human rights of people living with or affected by HIV, in Canada and internationally. We are grateful for your support, financial and otherwise. So many of you have given to the Legal Network over the years, enabling us to stand up for human rights around the world – and everyone has their own reasons for giving. Today, we want to tell you about some of our loyal donors and what inspires them to support us in our work.

Meet Andrew Beckerman, a leadership donor behind the annual Charlie’s Challenge, who gives to help us defend the rights of people like him, who live with HIV. See why Stéphanie Claivaz-Loranger, a monthly donor and lawyer, is inspired by our dedication to legal reform. Dr. Mona Loutfy is an annual donor, who gives because she’s been able to see our advocacy firsthand in her work as an infectious diseases doctor. And finally, we are grateful to long-time supporter and HIV activist David Garmaise, who chose to recognize the Legal Network in his will before he passed away in 2020.


Will you join the ranks of our supporters by giving to the HIV Legal Network today? Whether you’re passionate about drug policy, enraged by unjust criminalization, or an advocate for human rights for all, there’s something in our portfolio that will speak to you – and we need your help to amplify it. Your gift will help us continue the work we’ve been doing for the past 30 years and take it further. Give before the end of the year and your gift will be matched as part of Charlie’s Challenge, making it go twice as far.

Our supporters are at the heart of our work. Without people like Andrew, Stéphanie, Mona, and David our advocacy simply can’t happen. Join them today and help us make a difference in the lives of people living with or affected by HIV, in Canada and around the world.


In solidarity,

The HIV Legal Network