Legally Empowering Key Populations in Russia in the Context of HIV Prevention, Treatment and Care

Monitoring and Evaluation of Technical Assistance to Key Populations And HIV Projects in Russia in Removing Legal Barriers and Community Systems Strengthening

Since June 2015, Russia’s non-governmental organizations and community-based organizations working on HIV issues have been implementing a three-year project titled “Improving access to HIV prevention, treatment and care services for key populations in Russia.” The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria provides the largest share of financial support for this project, with co-funding from local sources. This project has two interrelated components:

  1. HIV service delivery for key populations, which includes working with
    • people who use drugs,
    • sex workers and
    • men who have sex with men; and
  2. Advocacy, which includes
    • community systems strengthening (CSS) and
    • removing legal barriers (RLB).

To evaluate the utility of technical assistance in implementing CSS and RLB, the Legal Network and Roper LYV Consulting developed a Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) framework. This 65-page report presents the results of applying the MEL framework to evaluate the CSS and RLB component of Russia’s HIV program.