Network News 25 – December 2006

In this issue:

  • AGM honours Jamaican hero, Stella, offers rights-centred workshops
  • Missing the point: Ottawa cancels pilot prison tattooing program
  • Legal Network calls for reforms to law on generic medicine exports
  • Minster of Health reviewing Federal Initiative on HIV/AIDS
  • Commons report on prostitution fails sex workers
  • Nairobi consultation on women’s rights
  • Legal Network testifies before House committee
  • Model law on drug use and HIV/AIDS
  • Legal Network helps review AIDS law in West Africa
  • Equal marriage debate
  • Drug policy reform in Russia and Tajikistan
  • The Legal Network in the News
  • WHO Europe meeting on criminalization of HIV
  • Legal Network testifies on AIDS and human rights in China
  • Honouring Ruth Carey
  • Alana Klein appointed to the OHRC
  • Montréal methadone conference
  • Welcoming new board members
  • New Resources
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