Parallel Submission for 62 Session with Respect to Russia

Full titleParallel Submission for 62 Session with respect to Russia in addition to the Shadow Report to the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights concerning the access of people who inject drugs to drug treatment and HIV prevention, care and treatment programs

This document presents information gathered for the Committee by the Public Mechanism for Monitoring Drug Policy Reform in the Russian Federation (“Public Mechanism”) in addition to the Public Mechanism report that was presented to this Committee in February 2017, which included all the most useful HIV, hepatitis C, tuberculosis and drug use–related statistics.

The document is broken into short items corresponding to the Committee’s questions for the Russian Government in the List of Issues (LoI), as well as to answers given by the Russian Government to the Committee in response to the LoI.

As a conclusion, we present very short draft recommendations to the Committee, which in our view would be the most appropriate help of the Committee to improve performance of the Russian Federation under the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in response to the health crisis related to narcotic drugs.