HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 3(4) and 4(1) Winter 1997/1998

FEATURES Current Issues in HIV/AIDS and Insurance Focus on HIV/AIDS and Injection Drug Use Children: The Changing Face of AIDS DISCRIMINATION Your Health Is Back. Now You May Lose Your Protection against Discrimination Gay and Lesbian Legal Issues and HIV/AIDS: A Discussion Paper Publication Noted: The Impact of Homophobia and Other Social Biases on AIDS … Read more

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 3(2-3) Spring 1997

FEATURES Guidelines on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights Supreme Court to Hear Cuerrier Case Testing of Pregnant Women: Issues and Options TESTING AND CONFIDENTIALITY HIV Testing and Confidentiality: A Discussion Paper HIV Testing in Pregnancy: A Duty or a Choice? A New World of HIV Testing: Experiences with Home Testing Canada — Rapist Required to Submit … Read more

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 3(1) October 1996

FEATURES HIV Testing and Confidentiality Issues Reexamined Compassionate Access to Investigational Therapies HIV/AIDS and Aboriginal Communities XI INTERNATIONAL AIDS CONFERENCE What Did We Learn? Legal and Ethical Issues at the Vancouver Conference HIV/AIDS AND HUMAN RIGHTS AIDS, Human Rights, and NAFTA: Challenges and Opportunities CANADIAN NEWS Canadian Human Rights Commission Releases Revised Policy on HIV/AIDS … Read more

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 2(3) April 1996

FEATURES AIDS and Overdose Deaths in British Columbia Drug Laws and HIV/AIDS Public Health and “The Unwilling and Unable” DRUG POLICY Access to Sterile Needles for Young People under the Age of 14 Bill C-7: An Update DISCRIMINATION Transgendered People, Discrimination, and HIV/AIDS US: Court Finds Dentist Guilty of Unlawful Discrimination HIV/AIDS and Child Care … Read more

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 1(3) April 1995

NOTES Update on Joint Network/CAS Project HIV-ANTIBODY TESTING No Compulsory HIV-Antibody Testing of Persons Accused or Convicted of Sexual Assault HIV/AIDS and the Military in Canada — the Twaites decision PRISONERS AND HIV/AIDS Switzerland: Prison Needle Exchanges Declared Judicially Admissible Australia: Update on Prison Condom Case Australia: Claim by Prison Officer settled TESTING AND REPORTING … Read more

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 1(1) Fall 1994

FEATURES HIV Prevention Taken Seriously: Provision of Syringes in a Swiss Prison Québec Court Finds Asymptomatic HIV Infection a Charter ” Handicap “: Hamel v. Malaxos PRISONERS AND HIV/AIDS Australia: Australian Federal Health Minister Calls for Needle Exchange in Prisons Australia: Prisoners Sue for the Right to Condoms TUBERCULOSIS TB/HIV Issues Receiving Increased Attention in … Read more