HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 6(3) March 2002

FEATURES Preventing Mother-to-Child Transmission: Landmark Decision by South African Court Compulsory HIV Testing after an Occupational Exposure Establishing Safe Injection Facilities in Canada: Legal and Ethical Issues Report on Complementary/Alternative Health Care and HIV/AIDS HIV/AIDS in Prisons: New Developments CANADIAN NEWS Concerns Raised about New Immigration Rules Physicians Dislike New Medical Marijuana Regulations Blood Donor … Read more

Discrimination, HIV/AIDS and Aboriginal People (Second Edition)

The Discussion Paper examines issues raised for the Aboriginal community by HIV/AIDS-related discrimination, based on interviews with individuals working in the field of HIV/AIDS and Aboriginal people, and on research conducted by the author.

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 4(2-3) Spring 1999

FEATURES Supreme Court Rules in R v Cuerrier Legal, Ethical, and Human Rights Issues at Geneva98 CANADIAN NEWS Legal, Ethical, and Human Rights Issues Raised by HIV/AIDS: A Plan for 1999–2003 HIV/AIDS IN CANADIAN COURTS HIV/AIDS in Canadian Courts in 1998: An Overview Québec Court of Appeal Rules on the Constitutionality of Law on Anal … Read more

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 3(4) and 4(1) Winter 1997/1998

FEATURES Current Issues in HIV/AIDS and Insurance Focus on HIV/AIDS and Injection Drug Use Children: The Changing Face of AIDS DISCRIMINATION Your Health Is Back. Now You May Lose Your Protection against Discrimination Gay and Lesbian Legal Issues and HIV/AIDS: A Discussion Paper Publication Noted: The Impact of Homophobia and Other Social Biases on AIDS … Read more

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 3(1) October 1996

FEATURES HIV Testing and Confidentiality Issues Reexamined Compassionate Access to Investigational Therapies HIV/AIDS and Aboriginal Communities XI INTERNATIONAL AIDS CONFERENCE What Did We Learn? Legal and Ethical Issues at the Vancouver Conference HIV/AIDS AND HUMAN RIGHTS AIDS, Human Rights, and NAFTA: Challenges and Opportunities CANADIAN NEWS Canadian Human Rights Commission Releases Revised Policy on HIV/AIDS … Read more