HIV/AIDS in Prisons: Recent Developments – HIV/AIDS Policy & Law Review 7(2-3)

In a report released on 20 November 2002, entitled Action on HIV/AIDS in Prisons: Too Little, Too Late – A Report Card, the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network concluded that despite repeated studies and nearly ten years of recommendations for urgent and pragmatic action, the response of Canadian governments to HIV/AIDS, HCV, and injection drug use … Read more

Using Rights and the Law to Reduce Women’s Vulnerability to HIV – Canadian HIV/AIDS Policy & Law Review 5(4), 2000

Cathi Albertyn’s paper, an edited and updated version of her presentation at “Putting Third First,” argues that both human rights and the law can play an important, if limited, role within a wider set of national and international strategies to reduce women’s vulnerability to HIV. It analyzes the nature of women’s vulnerability to HIV/AIDS, and … Read more