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HIV/AIDS Policy & Law Review 16 – May 2012

FEATURES – TREATMENT AS PREVENTION: ASSESSING THE HUMAN RIGHTS AND ETHICAL IMPLICATIONS Human rights in an era of treatment as prevention The ethical implications of “treatment as prevention” in the United States British Columbia’s “seek and treat” strategy: a cautionary tale on privacy rights and informed consent for HIV testing CANADIAN DEVELOPMENTS Federal government’s omnibus […]

HIV/AIDS Policy & Law Review 15(3) October 2011

FEATURE Bedford v. Canada: a paradigmatic case toward ensuring the human and health rights of sex workers A tale of two cases: urging caution in the prosecution of HIV non-disclosure CANADIAN DEVELOPMENTS Senate stalling derails bill to fix Canada’s law on affordable generic medicines for developing countries Ontario: study documents access and quality of care […]

HIV/AIDS Policy & Law Review 15(2) April 2011

FEATURE Legislative and policy analysis of HIV prevention, treatment and care for people who use drugs and incarcerated people in Central Asia and Azerbaijan CANADIAN DEVELOPMENTS Supervised injection sites in Quebec: one step closer to reality Correctional Investigator highlights pending adverse impacts of the government’s “tough on crime” agenda In brief Ottawa police changes policy […]

HIV/AIDS Policy & Law Review 15(1) October 2010

FEATURE Redoubling global efforts to support HIV/AIDS and human rights CANADIAN DEVELOPMENTS HIV prevalence in prison is 15 times greater than in the community as a whole New study puts forth HIV treatment as prevention Keeping a common bawdy house becomes a “serious offence” under Criminal Code Vaccine initiative money reallocated; emphasis placed on research […]

HIV/AIDS Policy & Law Review 14(3) June 2010

FEATURES Criminalizing HIV transmission or exposure: the context of francophone West and Central Africa MSM law in francophone Africa and the fight against AIDS: the hypocrisy of certain countries CANADIAN DEVELOPMENTS British Columbia project seeks to improve access to HIV treatment and care among hard-to-reach populations Multi-million dollar AIDS vaccine project cancelled Surveys in Quebec […]

HIV/AIDS Policy & Law Review 14(2) December 2009

FEATURE Clean switch: the case for prison needle and syringe programs CANADIAN DEVELOPMENTS Quebec’s funding cut endangers study on alternative treatment for people addicted to heroin Constitutionality of gay blood donor ban challenged in court In brief Report: Cancelled prison tattoo initiative had potential to reduce disease transmission Municipal support on Vancouver Island for access […]

HIV/AIDS Policy & Law Review 14(1) May 2009

FEATURE Criminalization confusion and concerns: the decade since the Cuerrier decision CANADIAN DEVELOPMENTS B.C. medical officers of health seek more supervised injection facilities Human rights complaint filed against Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons over methadone program More money for Vancouver drug court, but future funding for all drug courts uncertain Survey reveals need to […]

Revista de Políticas y Derecho sobre el VIH/SIDA 13(2/3) Diciembre 2008

ARTÍCULO Contagio legislativo: creando resistencia ACONTECIMIENTOS CANADIENSES Los resultados del primer estudio en Norteamérica sobre heroína con prescripción son alentadores Una nueva política sobre demanda excesiva para los solicitantes de inmigración British Columbia promulga la Ley E-Health (E-Salud) (La mayoría de) los partidos políticos respondieron al cuestionario sobre temas de SIDA en la elección federal […]

HIV/AIDS Policy & Law Review 13(2/3) December 2008

FEATURE Legislation contagion: building resistance CANADIAN DEVELOPMENTS Results of the first North American prescription heroin study are promising New excessive demand policy for immigration applicants British Columbia adopts E-Health Act (Most) political parties respond to questionnaire on AIDS issues during federal election Immigration and Refugee Protection Act amended In brief Federal Government announces new strategy […]

HIV/AIDS Policy & Law Review 13(1) July 2008

FEATURES Delivery past due: global precedent set under Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime Developing guidance for HIV prosecutions: an example of harm reduction? Access to condoms in U.S. prisons CANADIAN DEVELOPMENTS Legislation imposing mandatory minimum sentences for drug offences passes second reading Manitoba legislation would authorize testing for HIV without informed consent Organ donation regulations […]

Обзор политики и права в области ВИЧ/СПИДа 12(2/3) декабрь 2007

СТАТЬИ Заразное законодательство: Распространение новых проблемных законов о ВИ Ч в Западной Африке Суды по делам о наркотиках: Обзор на базе данных Применение мягкого права в отношении ВИ Ч/СПИ Да в Юго-Восточной Азии РАЗВИТИЕ СИТУАЦИИ В КАНАДЕ Пункт контролируемого инъекционного потребления наркотиков получил еще одно временное разрешение на продолжение своей деятельности; начато судебное дело Первое […]

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 12(2/3) December 2007

FEATURES Legislation contagion: the spread of problematic new HIV laws in Western Africa Drug treatment courts in Canada: an evidence-based review Use of soft law to address HIV/AIDS in Southeast Asia CANADIAN DEVELOPMENTS Supervised injection facility granted another temporary extension; legal action launched First test of WTO mechanism for procuring generic medicines under compulsory licence, […]

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 12(1) May 2007

FEATURES Male circumcision and HIV prevention: a human rights and public health challenge Commentary: Engendering bold leadership against HIV/AIDS CANADIAN DEVELOPMENTS Subcommittee fails to recommend legal reforms needed to promote human rights of sex workers Conservative government ends funding for research on Insite Draft evaluation suggests pilot safer tattooing program had potential to reduce disease […]

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 11(2/3) December 2006

FEATURES Canada’s 2003 renewed drug strategy — an evidence-based review Will they deliver treatment access?: WTO rules and Canada’s law on generic medicine exports The CDC’s routine HIV testing recommendation: legally, not so routine CANADIAN DEVELOPMENTS Supervised injection facility granted time-limited extension Federal prison guards call for power to test prisoners for HIV Sex workers: […]

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 11(1) April 2006

FEATURE Scaling up HIV testing: human rights and hidden costs CANADIAN DEVELOPMENTS Health Canada authorizes access to experimental HIV drugs, but only after a long struggle Question period: how will Canada’s new minority government approach HIV/AIDS? HIV-positive woman suing police, man who allegedly infected her and his family Medical marijuana users continue to experience legal […]

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 10(3) December 2005

FEATURES Injection drug use, HIV/AIDS and incarceration: evidence from the Vancouver Injection Drug Users Study Legal Network report calls for decriminalization of prostitution in Canada CANADIAN DEVELOPMENTS Report calls for changes to the law to improve safety, security and well-being of sex workers Toronto: Report calls for more harm reduction measures for drug users Saskatchewan […]

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 10(2) August 2005

FEATURES The criminalization of HIV transmission in England and Wales: questions of law and policy CANADIAN DEVELOPMENTS HIV disclosure no longer required on application form for temporary resident visa Safer tattooing piloted in six federal prisons Ottawa: City Council approves distribution of crack kits Bill to export generic drugs comes into force Recommendations published concerning […]

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 10(1) April 2005

FEATURES HIV/AIDS and human rights: we’ve only just begun A long way from there to here: human rights approaches to HIV/AIDS in a local setting Protection against discrimination based on HIV/AIDS status in Canada: the legal framework EDITORIAL AIDS, drugs, and terrorism: do I have your attention? CANADIAN DEVELOPMENTS Legal Network launches Plan of Action […]

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 9(3) December 2004

FEATURES Still underground: searching for progress in realizing the human rights of women in prostitution Steps forward, backward, and sideways: Canada’s bill on exporting generic pharmaceuticals EDITORIAL High time to vastly scale up action on human rights CANADIAN NEWS Ontario: Police disclose HIV status of accused under Police Services Act BC: Campaign launched to protect […]

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 9(2) August 2004

FEATURES Human rights and HIV/AIDS in the context of 3 by 5: time for new directions? Harm-reduction activism: a case study of an unsanctioned user-run safe injection site CANADIAN NEWS Canada announces new funding for domestic and global fight against AIDS Reports call for end to harms caused by Criminal Code prohibitions surrounding prostitution Nova […]

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 9(1) April 2004

FEATURE HIV treatments, vaccines, and microbicides: toward coordinated advocacy CANADIAN NEWS Québec: An outbreak of HIV/AIDS-related stigma and discrimination Alberta: New bill will allow for mandatory HIV testing in emergency situations Media frenzy greets release of Newfoundland man from prison Health Canada makes marijuana available for medical use AIDS in the workplace: a program that’s […]

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 8(3) December 2003

FEATURES TRIPS from Doha to Cancún … to Ottawa: global developments in access to treatment and Canada’s Bill C-56 Warsaw Declaration on HIV/AIDS and injection drug use adopted CANADIAN NEWS North America’s first supervised injection site opens in Vancouver Ontario: People can now apply for forced HIV testing in certain situations Many people in marginalized […]

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 8(2) August 2003

FEATURES Human Rights in Vancouver: Do Injection Drug Users Have a Friend in City Hall? Recent Developments in Privacy Legislation CANADIAN NEWS Supervised Injection Sites: Health Canada Approves Vancouver Pilot Sites, but Concerns Remain Health Canada Unveils Plan to Distribute Marijuana for Medical Use Clinical Trial on Medicinal Use of Marijuana Cancelled Ottawa Moves to […]

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 8(1) April 2003

FEATURES The UNGASS Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS: One Year Later The UNGASS Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS: A Review of Legislation in Six Southern African Countries CANADIAN NEWS Mandatory HIV Testing Used to Bar Potential Immigrants Troubled Times for Canada’s Medical Marijuana Program House of Commons Committee Holds Hearings on AIDS Survey Reveals Human […]

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 7(2-3) December 2002

FEATURES The 1st Annual Awards for Action on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights House of Commons Committee Releases Report on Canada’s Drug Strategy HIV/AIDS in Prisons: Recent Developments CANADIAN NEWS Canada Refuses to Issue a Visa to an HIV-Positive Worker on Antiretroviral Drugs Supervised Injection Sites: Minister of Health Ready to Review Applications for Pilot Research […]

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 7(1) July 2002

FEATURES HIV Vaccines: Current Challenges and Future Directions Drug Policy in Canada – The Way Forward HIV-Related Stigma and Discrimination – The Epidemic Continues HIV/AIDS in Prisons: More New Developments HIV Vaccines in Canada: Legal and Ethical Issues – An Overview CANADIAN NEWS New Immigration Law Comes into Effect As Regulations Finalized Government Delays Release […]

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 6(3) March 2002

FEATURES Preventing Mother-to-Child Transmission: Landmark Decision by South African Court Compulsory HIV Testing after an Occupational Exposure Establishing Safe Injection Facilities in Canada: Legal and Ethical Issues Report on Complementary/Alternative Health Care and HIV/AIDS HIV/AIDS in Prisons: New Developments CANADIAN NEWS Concerns Raised about New Immigration Rules Physicians Dislike New Medical Marijuana Regulations Blood Donor […]

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 6(1-2) 2001

FEATURES Medical Prescription of Heroin – A Review The HIV/AIDS Pandemic and its Gender Implications HIV/AIDS IN CANADIAN COURTS Supreme Court Finds Red Cross Negligent in Screening Blood Donors Tainted-Blood Cases: Updates Medical Marijuana and the Law: Recent Developments Motion to Strike Claim Dismissed in HIV Defamation Suit Couple Found Guilty in AIDS Scare Ontario […]

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 5(4) 2000

FEATURES An Ethical Analysis of the Mandatory Exclusion of Immigrants Who Test HIV-Positive Legal, Ethical, and Human Rights Issues at Durban 2000 HIV/AIDS IN CANADIAN COURTS Red Cross and Federal Government Held Liable for Hemophiliacs’ HIV Infection Court Approves Final Red Cross Bankruptcy Plan to Compensate Blood Victims Supreme Court to Hear Appeal in Negligence […]

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 5(2-3) Spring/Summer 2000

FEATURES Supreme Court rules on disability discrimination HIV/AIDS and the Law: New challenges HIV/AIDS IN CANADIAN COURTS Medical treatment of children with HIV/AIDS Court rejects appeal for safe supply of medical marijuana Appeals heard on both medical and non-medical marijuana BC Appellate Court dismisses insurance appeal Man with HIV gets reprieve from deportation Discrimination in […]

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 5(1) Fall/Winter 1999

FEATURES HIV Testing and Treatment of Children HIV/AIDS and Children’s Rights HIV/AIDS IN CANADIAN COURTS BC Human Rights Tribunal Rules on Discrimination by London Life AIDS Organizations Denied Leave to Intervene in Insurance Case No Removal of HIV-Positive Man for Marijuana Conviction Criminalization of Assisted Suicide Challenge No Duty to Preserve Benefits for Employee with […]

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 4(4) Summer 1999

FEATURES Injection Drug Use and HIV/AIDS: Another Call for Action Newly Infected People and Clinical Trials: Ethical Issues PREGNANCY AND HIV/AIDS An Ethical Analysis of HIV Testing of Pregnant Women and Their Newborns New Law on Testing Newborns in Connecticut US: Court Denies Legal Custody of Child to Breast-feeding Mother with HIV HIV/AIDS IN CANADIAN […]

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 4(2-3) Spring 1999

FEATURES Supreme Court Rules in R v Cuerrier Legal, Ethical, and Human Rights Issues at Geneva98 CANADIAN NEWS Legal, Ethical, and Human Rights Issues Raised by HIV/AIDS: A Plan for 1999–2003 HIV/AIDS IN CANADIAN COURTS HIV/AIDS in Canadian Courts in 1998: An Overview Québec Court of Appeal Rules on the Constitutionality of Law on Anal […]

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 3(4) and 4(1) Winter 1997/1998

FEATURES Current Issues in HIV/AIDS and Insurance Focus on HIV/AIDS and Injection Drug Use Children: The Changing Face of AIDS DISCRIMINATION Your Health Is Back. Now You May Lose Your Protection against Discrimination Gay and Lesbian Legal Issues and HIV/AIDS: A Discussion Paper Publication Noted: The Impact of Homophobia and Other Social Biases on AIDS […]

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 3(2-3) Spring 1997

FEATURES Guidelines on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights Supreme Court to Hear Cuerrier Case Testing of Pregnant Women: Issues and Options TESTING AND CONFIDENTIALITY HIV Testing and Confidentiality: A Discussion Paper HIV Testing in Pregnancy: A Duty or a Choice? A New World of HIV Testing: Experiences with Home Testing Canada — Rapist Required to Submit […]

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 3(1) October 1996

FEATURES HIV Testing and Confidentiality Issues Reexamined Compassionate Access to Investigational Therapies HIV/AIDS and Aboriginal Communities XI INTERNATIONAL AIDS CONFERENCE What Did We Learn? Legal and Ethical Issues at the Vancouver Conference HIV/AIDS AND HUMAN RIGHTS AIDS, Human Rights, and NAFTA: Challenges and Opportunities CANADIAN NEWS Canadian Human Rights Commission Releases Revised Policy on HIV/AIDS […]

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 2(4) July 1996

FEATURES Human Rights, Women and HIV Needle Exchange in Prisons: An Overview US Appeal Courts Rule in Favour of Assisted Suicide TESTING & CONFIDENTIALITY Project Begins Work on Testing and Confidentiality Issues US — Hospital Sued Over Clandestine HIV Test CANADIAN NEWS Renewal of AIDS Strategy Needed CRIMINAL JUSTICE Discussion Paper on criminal Law and […]

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 2(3) April 1996

FEATURES AIDS and Overdose Deaths in British Columbia Drug Laws and HIV/AIDS Public Health and “The Unwilling and Unable” DRUG POLICY Access to Sterile Needles for Young People under the Age of 14 Bill C-7: An Update DISCRIMINATION Transgendered People, Discrimination, and HIV/AIDS US: Court Finds Dentist Guilty of Unlawful Discrimination HIV/AIDS and Child Care […]

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 2(2) January 1996

FEATURES Third HIV/AIDS Strategy Needed HIV-Specific Criminal Offence Proposed Interventions in Perinatal HIV Transmission CRIMINAL JUSTICE Joint Project on Criminalization of HIV Transmission Criminalization of HIV Transmission: A Literature Review Criminal Law and HIV/AIDS: A Review of Cases (Part II) HIV-Positive Rapist Sentenced to 12 Years BLOOD AND BLOOD PRODUCTS Japan: Hemophiliacs Offered Compensation in […]

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 2(1) October 1995

FEATURES Focus on HIV/AIDS in Prisons Methadone and HIV/AIDS Criminal Law and HIV/AIDS: A Review PROSTITUTION Prostitution and HIV/AIDS: A Literature Review TESTING AND REPORTING Further Update on Blood Donor Notification Case CAS’s Reaction to Judgment in Blood Donor Case United States: Testing of Juveniles Accused of Sexual Assault EUTHANASIA Legalizing Euthanasia Oregon’s Measure 16 […]

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 1(4) July 1995

FEATURES Focus on Gay Issues: Discrimination Impedes the Fight Against AIDS Bleach and Anonymous HIV Testing in Federal Prisons PRISONERS AND HIV/AIDS Update on Needle and Syringe Exchange in Swiss Prison DISCRIMINATION Anal Sex Law Ruled Discriminatory Supreme Court Rules on Same-Sex Benefits Ontario Court Rules on Same-Sex Adoptions HUMAN RIGHTS Human Rights Linked to […]

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 1(3) April 1995

NOTES Update on Joint Network/CAS Project HIV-ANTIBODY TESTING No Compulsory HIV-Antibody Testing of Persons Accused or Convicted of Sexual Assault HIV/AIDS and the Military in Canada — the Twaites decision PRISONERS AND HIV/AIDS Switzerland: Prison Needle Exchanges Declared Judicially Admissible Australia: Update on Prison Condom Case Australia: Claim by Prison Officer settled TESTING AND REPORTING […]

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 1(2) January 1995

FEATURES Bill C-7: Implications for HIV/AIDS Prevention (Canadian Legislation) Ontario Court Rules on Notification of Blood Donors Should Canada Criminalize HIV Endangerment? Thank you to film producer Rock Demers on World AIDS Day NOTE Joint Network/CAS (Canadian AIDS Society) Project on Legal Issues Raised by HIV/AIDS PRISONERS AND HIV/AIDS Alarming Evidence of HIV Transmission in […]

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 1(1) Fall 1994

FEATURES HIV Prevention Taken Seriously: Provision of Syringes in a Swiss Prison Québec Court Finds Asymptomatic HIV Infection a Charter ” Handicap “: Hamel v. Malaxos PRISONERS AND HIV/AIDS Australia: Australian Federal Health Minister Calls for Needle Exchange in Prisons Australia: Prisoners Sue for the Right to Condoms TUBERCULOSIS TB/HIV Issues Receiving Increased Attention in […]