Video: Empowering through networks in Russian-speaking countries

How does a researcher at the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network in Toronto defend the human rights of a person who uses drugs in Russia? Through indispensable partner organizations and the initiative of people who use drugs empowered to stand up for their own rights.

In this video produced by the Open Society Foundations, Senior Policy Analyst Mikhail Golichenko explains how the Legal Network is part of a network of information and support for people who use drugs in Russian-speaking countries. Max, whom you meet in this video, turned to the Legal Network for technical legal help when he decided to take on his region’s health system in court. Inspired by his success, Max helped to co-found a project at the Andrey Rylkov Foundation (ARF), in which street outreach workers provide legal consultations for people who use drugs as well as providing clean needles and food. With partners like, Moscow Outreach and ARF, as well as dynamic advocates like Max, the Legal Network is helping to promote the health and human rights of one of the world’s most marginalized communities.