Podcast: Not a Crime

Featuring interviews with our policy analysts along with people working farther afield, Not a Crime will highlight the impact of criminalization on people living with HIV and people who use drugs over the coming months.

In the premiere English language episode, HIV Legal Network policy analyst India Annamanthadoo talks to senior policy analyst Mikhail Golichenko about HIV criminalization in Russia and the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region. Hear about human rights in the region and how the laws governing HIV non-disclosure put people living with HIV at risk.

Our first French episode features HIV Legal Network senior policy analyst Cécile Kazatchkine in conversation with Modeste Mambo Amisi, Executive Director of HODSAS – a community organization based in Bukavu. They talk about HIV criminalization in Democratic Republic of the Congo and activism.

Stay tuned for future English episodes as we delve deeper into HIV criminalization to examine how criminal laws target communities at the margin, while our next French episode takes us to Morocco for a conversation with Moulay Ahmed Douraidi, a well-known activist, about HIV non-disclosure in a country that doesn’t have specific laws governing disclosure and how people living with HIV are targeted all the same.

Listen to an introduction from HIV Legal Network Executive Director Janet Butler-McPhee.

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