Privacy and disclosure: questions and answers on HIV-related privacy and disclosure issues for women’s service providers

This document addresses some common HIV-related legal questions of agencies that provide services to women in Canada. The information will help service providers inform and refer the women with whom they work to appropriate legal information and support when necessary. It will also present them with guidance about their responsibilities with respect to HIV-related information. … Read more

Malawi’s Marital Property Law: Questions & Answers

How the property of couples is administered, owned and distributed at the end of a marriage has considerable relevance in the context of HIV/AIDS, especially in Malawi where women represent almost 60 percent of those over the age of 15 who are infected. Women and Law in Southern Africa Research Trust — Malawi (WLSA-Malawi) is … Read more

Forced HIV Testing: Questions and Answers

Many Canadian provinces have passed legislation that authorizes testing someone for HIV without his or her consent. This document provides information about occupational exposure to HIV, and the legal and human rights concerns raised by forced HIV testing.

What is MTV Advocacy?

This document provides an overview of “MTV advocacy” and an introduction to The issues and the plan of action: What concerns and objectives are shared by microbicide, treatment and vaccine advocates? How can we do our advocacy in mutually supportive ways? How are human rights relevant to our collaboration? And what can we do to … Read more

Needle Exchange Programs and the HIV Outbreak among Injection Drug Users in Vancouver, Canada: Addressing Some Common Misperceptions

The use of needle exchange programs (NEPs) has been associated with reductions in HIV infection in a number of settings. However, questions regarding NEP efficacy have persisted, and have been partially fuelled by misinterpretations of an early evaluation of NEP use and HIV prevalence in Vancouver, Canada. In this study, a higher HIV prevalence was … Read more

Patents, International Trade Law, and Access to Essential Medicines

This Q&A answers some common questions about patents and international trade agreements. The rules on drug patents in international trade agreements and domestic laws affect the availability and affordability of medicines. This document explains the connection between patent issues and access to affordable drugs, to help inform advocates for the health of people in developing … Read more

Occupational Exposure to HIV and Forced HIV Testing: Questions and Answers

These questions and answers explain how forced HIV testing is a serious violation of constitutional rights and rules of professional ethics. They also provide information about occupational exposure to HIV, about how information about the source person can – and cannot – help the exposed worker, and about better ways to respond to occupational exposure … Read more