Constitutional challenge to Dominica’s laws criminalising LGBTQ people: Questions & Answers

A gay man has filed a case in the High Court of Justice in Dominica challenging the country’s laws criminalising “buggery” and other sexual activity between consenting partners, including and in particular partners of the same sex, as violating numerous rights guaranteed in the Constitution of Dominica. This backgrounder answers some key questions related to … Read more

Barbados Challenge Q&A

Three Barbadians — a trans woman, a lesbian and a gay man — have filed a petition against Barbados before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) challenging  laws criminalizing “buggery” and other intimacy between consenting partners, including partners of the same-sex, as violating numerous rights guaranteed in the American Convention on Human Rights. This … Read more

Reducing stigma and discrimination through the protection of privacy and confidentiality

This resource explains the important role of privacy and confidentiality in reducing stigma and discrimination related to STBBIs, and offers frontline health and social service providers several strategies they can use to deal with issues related to privacy, confidentiality, the criminalization of HIV non-disclosure and stigma reduction.

Fahamu Haki Zako: Mwongozo kwa Wazazi Wanaoishi na HIV

Kitabu hiki kiliandikwa kwa ajili ya wazazi au wazazi watarajiwa wanaoishi na HIV, ikiwa ni pamoja na wanawake, wanaume waliobadilisha jinsia na watu wasio na jinsia. Kinalenga kutoa maelezo halisi na kukuza ufahamu kuhusu baadhi ya maeneo muhimu ya wasiwasi ambazo wazazi wanaoishi au walioathiriwa na HIV wanazo. Know Your Rights: Guide for Parents Living … Read more

Conozca sus derechos: Guía para padres que viven con VIH

Este recurso fue elaborado para padres actuales o futuros que viven con VIH, incluidas mujeres, hombres transgénero y de género no binario. Su propósito es ofrecer información práctica y difundir datos sobre algunas de las áreas de preocupación principales que pueden tener los padres que viven con o se ven afectados por el VIH. Know … Read more

Harm Reduction Services for Indigenous People Who Use Drugs: Questions and Answers

In Canada, Indigenous people experience higher rates of injection drug use and less access to health care than non-Indigenous people. For many Indigenous people, drug use offers a means of coping with traumatic life circumstances, including those related to their experiences with the residential school and child welfare systems in Canada, legacies of colonialism and … Read more