Know Your Rights: Guide for Parents Living with HIV

This resource was produced for parents or prospective parents living with HIV, including women, transgender men and non-binary people. Its aim is to provide practical information and to foster knowledge about some of the main areas of concern that parents living with or affected by HIV may have. Also available in Spanish and Swahili.

An Injection of Reason: Critical Analysis of the Respect for Communities Act (Q&A)

The Respect for Communities Act undermines the rights of people who use drugs to access life-saving and health-protecting services. Read more about supervised consumption services in Canada and internationally, and their positive impact on individuals and communities. Related Publications Respect for Communities Act: The Case for Repeal

Women living with HIV and intimate partner violence: Questions & Answers

This guide is for women, including trans women, who are living with HIV and who experience or are at risk of experiencing violence from their intimate partner. Intimate partner violence can be physical, emotional, psychological or sexual abuse from someone with whom you have or had an intimate relationship. Abuse by an intimate partner is not … Read more

Constitutional challenge to Jamaica’s anti-sodomy law: Questions & Answers

Jamaican human rights activist Maurice Tomlinson has filed a claim in the Jamaican Supreme Court of Judicature, challenging the country’s laws criminalizing “buggery” and other consensual sex between men as violating numerous rights guaranteed in Jamaica’s constitution. This backgrounder answers some key questions related to this constitutional challenge. Related news release: Jamaican Gay Activist Launches Constitutional … Read more

Divulgación de la condición de VIH a parejas sexuales: Preguntas y respuestas para recién llegados

Este folleto te ayudará a tomar decisiones informadas sobre la divulgación de tu condición a tu pareja sexual. En él encontrarás información importante sobre la legislación penal en Canadá, la salud pública e implicaciones específicas para los recién llegados, que incluyen residentes permanentes, estudiantes, trabajadores temporales, visitantes, refugiados e inmigrantes no legalizados. [HIV Disclosure to … Read more

向性伴侣披露 艾滋病病毒感染状况: 给新移民的问题与解答

本手册能帮助您对于向性伴侣披露艾滋病病毒状况做出明智的决定。本手册提供了有关加拿大刑法、公共医疗的重要信息,及其对新移民的具体影响,新移民包括永久居民、学生、临时工人、访问者、难民以及没有移民身份的人。 [HIV Disclosure to Sexual Partners: Questions and answers for newcomers in Chinese]