Canada Can’t Wait: The Time for Prison-Based Needle and Syringe Programs Is Now

« We, the undersigned, represent many different communities and interests. But today we speak with one voice, firmly committed to health and human rights, in support of desperately needed prison-based needle and syringe programs (PNSPs) in Canada. The time for PNSPs is now. In Canada, people in prison face far greater risk of HIV and hepatitis C infection because they are denied access to sterile injection equipment. Access to sterile injection equipment is a proven harm reduction strategy — it is widely supported and available in communities across the country, has been successfully implemented in prisons in numerous other countries for decades, and is recommended by a wide range of health experts and organizations. But it remains unavailable in Canadian prisons. »

News release: Nearly 250 Organizations Across Canada Call for Prison-Based Needle and Syringe Programs